Fantasy Rankings

Weekly, ReDraft, and Dynasty

Seasonal Draft Rankings

*updated August 2020*

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These rankings are updated in the late summer as a projection for upcoming seasonal re-draft league drafts in August and September. Rankings will include a link to podcast clips talking about each player from your favorite podcasts, powered by the #1 podcast search engine on the internet, ClipCast! Also provided is our yearly projection for each player so you can see how we evaluated each player.

Dynasty Rankings

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These 2020 Rankings are for Dynasty formats using Fantasy Pros Expert Platform and player projections to rank dynasty players going into 2020 and beyond. This ranking list includes Fantasy Pros Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR) so you can see where our rankings stack up against the Fantasy Pros team of expert rankers. These rankings will be updated as rookies are added in the draft, as well as throughout the season on a monthly basis as dynasty values rise and fall as the season progresses and outlooks for future years change.

2020 Draft Class (Rookie Rankings)

2020 Rookie Rankings for the this upcoming NFL Draft. While these rankings do reflect potential fantasy outlook for 2020, these rankings are based solely on the lens of the NFL Draft and which players, from a football and metrics perspective, I have ranked higher than others. This list will be updated post-combine, post-draft, and as we get closer to fantasy re-draft season as off-season workouts, training camp, preseason football, and injury updates will all have an impact on where these rookies are ranked.

Weekly in-season Rankings

*updated September 2020*

Our rankings list updated weekly based on matchups, projections, and betting line. We've carried over our innovative ClipCast "Listen" feature for each player ranked to add to your weekly research tool. Hear what your favorite podcasts have to say about each player you are researching. These rankings will be discussed weekly on the 2on1: A Fantasy Football Podcast.

#2on1Crew Rankings weighted against ECR

Weekly Rankings on the Fantasy Pros Expert Platform weighted against the Fantasy Pros Expert Consensus Rankings (ECR), so you can see how our rankings stack up against ECR of over 130 industry experts. Player links redirect to Fantasy Pros write ups about players. Why give you the same rankings on two separate platforms? Because maybe you want to listen to player clips or you want to read about players and add ECR to your research.