Player Contracts

For Dynasty Fantasy Football

Welcome to my Player Contract project I started last summer. I'll keep updating this list periodically as contracts change so be sure to check back in as the years progress to get updated info on your dynasty player's contract!

This is not an exhaustive list of every fantasy player, so there is a good chance I don't have the 8th WR on the practice squad that you love (especially at WR - I did the top 100 or else it would just go on forever). The purpose of this list is to highlight the most fantasy relevant players and their contract status. If you think I really missed the mark and feel a player should be included, shoot me a message and I can throw them in. How to navigate the table is included in the first tab below, with the most recent player contract update listed.

Make sure to reach out on Twitter (@AWLsabermetrics) for players or details you want to see added.

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