The 2on1 Fantasy Football Podcast Listener's League

As requested by the listeners of the 2on1: A Fantasy Football Podcast, we are hosting a Redraft PPR League comprised of 6 podcast teams going up against 6 listener teams for the 2019 season. Below are the teams that will be going head to head, including 5 other podcasts that are friends of the #2on1Crew. We wanted to be able to connect listeners with new podcasts they may have not listened to yet, in order to grant listeners instant access to fantasy analysts, and connect podcasts with new listeners. Send us a message if you're interested in joining the 2020 #2on1FFL!


Teams of Fantasy Football Podcast Hosts


2on1: A Fantasy Football Podcast Listener's

Draft Recap

A summary of the 2019 #2on1LFFL online slow draft as recounted by each team manager

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