2019 NFL Mock Draft

With 32 Player Profiles

By: Tommy Molio'o

April 22, 2019

The 2019 NFL Draft is just around the corner, and this offseason has already resulted in some exciting trades and Free Agency signings that have shaped the landscape for this upcoming draft class. This mock draft will take you through Round 1 to determine who will be selected in 2019 based on position rankings and biggest team needs. There was some early talk that this draft class was not going to be that good, an underwhelming bunch that lacks depth at key positions. But as we've already seen from the Senior Bowl, the Combine, Pro Days, and from watching what players have put on tape, there are some potential Pro Bowl caliber players in this draft class, and others that are going to make an immediate impact on NFL teams.

The biggest assumption for this mock draft is that no teams will make trades to move up or down in the draft, which is highly unlikely to happen, especially in the first round. But instead of speculating on which teams trade, picks are made at current draft positions because every team can get a talented player they need at their current spot. However, teams I think are most likely to make a trade are noted for their selection.

There are some potential pro bowl linemen in this draft class on both sides of the ball, there is just more depth of top tier talent on the defensive line than the offensive line. The defensive linemen in this class are some of the best we've seen in one class, possibly ever in the history of the NFL. And the same could be said for this WR group that is very deep with a bevy of talented players that can be found throughout Rounds 1-3. The biggest disappoint is the RB group, with very few Round 1 caliber prospects, but there are 2nd and 3rd day players that will make a significant impact in the next few years and have everyone wondering how they passed on that guy.

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Round 1

pick #1: Arizona Cardinals

Team Needs: DL, OT, WR, CB, G/C, LB

Quinnen Williams - DT - Alabama (6'3" / 303 lbs)

The rumor mill has been churning hard for the Cardinals this offseason. The latest report now is the ownership started the rumors about drafting Murray to sell more tickets, and fueled by Kliff Klingsbury's public admiration of Murrray. Now I suspect the Cardinals could trade out of this pick to a team looking to get a QB or top edge rusher. If the Cardinals keep the pick, they can select the best and most versatile interior defensive lineman in this class #1 overall, as Quinnen Williams could play multiple spots in their 3-4 scheme. Williams is a huge DT who can get after the QB and is a menace in the trenches. He is a relentless pass rusher that will use several moves to get past blockers, and is strong enough to either bull rush blockers into the QB, or split a double team with ease. He has quick hands and feet allowing him to make short/fast swim moves while slanting into a gap. His speed was on display at the Combine, running a 4.83 sec. 40-yard dash. His 2018 stats were impressive as well with 71 tackles, 8 sacks, and 19.5 tackles for loss. In multiple games against big time opponents and other 1st Round talent, Williams was nearly unblockable.

pick #2: San Francisco 49ers

Team Needs: DE, S, CB, G, LB, WR

Nick Bosa - DE - Ohio State (6'4" / 266 lbs)

The 49ers draft Bosa not only because he’s one of the premiere prospects in this draft but because they have a need at DE to start opposite the newly acquired Dee Ford to really make their defense formidable in 2019. Bosa would add a huge piece to their defensive line to also compliment DeForest Buckner, which makes an excellent defensive front to play behind for new LB Kwon Alexander. He is a relentless player that can push offensive tackles back into the pocket with his long arms, and will get low while bending the corner to get after the QB. Bosa didn't rack up huge numbers in college because he sat out most of 2018, but his disruptive style of play and presence on the field was evident on tape even if not on the stat sheet. This pick could be a steal for the 49ers to get a potential pro bowler at #2. We’ll see if Nick is just as productive in the NFL as his big bro Joey, who he plays strikingly similar to on the field, and we've seen how well that's worked out for the Chargers.

pick #3: New York Jets

Team Needs: Edge, DT, OT, CB, WR, TE

Josh Allen - OLB - Kentucky (6'5" / 262 lbs)

The Jets have a few holes to fill on their team, but there's several holes on the defensive side of the ball that could seriously use some attention in this draft. They are also lacking in draft picks (no 2nd or 5th Round picks) so I could see them moving back to get a solid mid-1st round player and some additional mid-round picks. Like the Cardinals, if the Jets keep the pick they can use it on one of the best edge rushers in this class after Nick Bosa. Josh Allen would fit in nicely with the Jet's 3-4 scheme and could play on either side of the line as neither current OLBs on the team have a lock on their spot. Allen has a great combination of strength and speed rushing off the edge, and he makes plays all over the field, especially when they are needed most. He came on strong in 2018 with 17 sacks, 88 total tackles, and 5 forced fumbles. The Jets defense would get a huge boost in production with the reigning SEC Defensive Player of the Year could be perennial Pro Bowler. He has the raw talent and proven production to be a force in the NFL, and he's coming into his prime years at the right time.

pick #4: Oakland Raiders

Team Needs: Edge, TE, CB, WR, RB, S

Montez Sweat - OLB - Mississippi St (6'6" / 260 lbs)

Drafting another dynamic edge rusher like Montez Sweat would help Raider Nation forget about Khalil Mack by finding another prolific pass rusher with size and speed. With Bosa and Allen off the board, Sweat is the next best edge rusher that set the Combine on fire running a 4.41 sec. 40-yard dash. There's some concerns about an apparent heart condition, but that didn't prevent him from racking up double digit sacks the last 2 years in the SEC. The Raiders also don't shy away from apparent heart conditions as they drafted Mo Hurst last year. Sweat can fill an immediate need on defense by playing in a similar role as Mack did, and could be another 2 position Pro Bowler for the Raiders. He's lightning quick off the line of scrimmage, which allows him to bend the edge and rip through pass protection to punish QBs in the backfield. On run plays he crashes down the line to make tackles in the backfield. He appears lanky, so he could add a little bulk to his frame, but he packs a punch with long strong arms. I could also see the Raiders trading back to draft Sweat somewhere around the 10th pick.

pick #5: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team Needs: LB, DL, OT, S, CB, RB, WR

Devin White - LB - LSU (6'0" / 237 lbs)

Quarterback may no longer be a priority in 2019 for the Bucs as the hiring of Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich leads me to believe they are all in with Jameis Winston, at least for this year. The Bucs have very little cap space and may part ways with Gerald McCoy. They could use a major spark of talent by drafting easily the best Inside LB in this class in rangy tackler Devin White. The Buccaneers had been solid at ILB with Kwon Alexander who is now in San Francisco. They can replace him right away with White who is strong and fast (4.41 sec. 40-yard dash), shedding blocks and closing downfield in a hurry to make sure tackles. He's not an overly big hitter but he forces turnovers and plays with a lot of passion. You can see the energy exude from him on the field and he could revitalize the Bucs defense with his infectious style of play. White also fits the mold of the new NFL LB that may lack in size but makes up for it with speed and play-making ability. I could also see the Bucs trading back to make this pick with a team looking to move up for a QB or one of the top defensive linemen.

pick #6: New York Giants

Team Needs: QB, WR, OT, CB, S, OLB, G/C, ILB

Dwayne Haskins - QB - Ohio State (6'3" / 231 lbs)

The Giants need the heir apparent to Eli to groom for the next year or two before taking the helm in this somewhat rebuilding Giants franchise. Dwayne Haskins is a franchise-type QB who’s played big time ball at Ohio State, and wants to play in New York (check his Twitter @dh_simba7). Haskins has moved up as one of the most NFL-ready QBs in this draft, a calm and collected QB who can manage the game at the line of scrimmage and make necessary throws into tight windows. He’s a pocket passer with good size and quick feet, who’s agile enough to make plays on the run if he needs to, but by no means does he have excellent speed (5.04 sec. 40-yard dash). Some analysts have the Giants moving up to take Haskins before someone else does, but if everyone stays put, the Giants can get their QB of the future without having to pay #1 draft pick money. Also, Haskins could do well by sitting and learning behind Eli for a couple games before taking the helm. However, the Giants need help in a lot of areas so I'm not too confident about this first pick.

pick #7: Jacksonville Jaguars

Team Needs: DT, DE, WR, TE, G/C, OT, S, QB

Ed Oliver - DT - Houston (6'2" / 287 lbs)

The Jaguars signed their new franchise QB in "Big D" Nick Foles, and spent the rest of the offseason adding depth on the offensive side of the ball. This allows them to work on improving their once league-best defense by drafting the best defensive player available. Oliver is an excellent athlete that plays with violence. He has a great combination of speed and strength (4.73 sec. 40 and 32 reps on bench at the Combine) that the new NFL DT must possess. He is strong against the double team and can get down the line quickly to make tackles in the backfield. Oliver is a disruptive playmaker in the middle of the defense that can also play on the edge. He's also good at the Nose Tackle position in Dime formation fronts where triple teams can happen, but he has a knack for splitting blocks. The only knocks against him is that he could add a little more bulk to his frame, and he had a televised heated exchange with his college head coach over wearing a team coat on the sidelines when he didn't dress.

pick #8: detroit Lions

Team Needs: CB, WR, S, TE, G, DE

Greedy Williams - CB - LSU (6'2" / 185 lbs)

The Lions had a huge need at DE, but they filled that hole with a big free agency signing in Trey Flowers. That leaves them free to draft the best CB in the draft in Greedy Williams to play opposite Darius Slay who just turned 28 and is the only star in that secondary. He’s a lengthy CB with excellent ball skills who you’ll usually find shutting down the opponent’s WR1. He's got hands like a WR and is excellent in both man and zone coverage. He's also lightning fast, running a 4.37 sec. 40-yard dash at the Combine. Williams is a game changer and would be hard to pass up at the #8 spot as there may not be another talent in this draft like him. Drafting Williams could also allow the Lions to trade or cut some of their CBs that have not been earning their contract on the field, freeing additional cap space to address other positions. Greedy is the next best CB to come out of DBU aka LSU.

pick #9: Buffalo Bills

Team Needs: DL, WR, TE, CB, RB,

Clelin Ferrell - DE - Clemson (6'4" / 264 lbs)

The Bills drafted their franchise QB last year in Josh Allen, and this offseason signed new WRs, a TE, a RB, and six new offensive linemen in Free Agency to help out the offense. These signings allow the Bills to focus on becoming one of the best defenses in the league by signing the next best available defensive lineman. Clelin Ferrell is a dynamic Edge rusher that can get after the QB and make an immediate impact on the Bills 4-3 defense. He's a 2-time All-American and 2-time First Team All-ACC. Ferrell is strong with active hands that shed blockers and also allow him to rip off the edge to get to the QB. He's a relentless athlete who's already played against some of the best talent in college. He's an NFL-ready defensive end that is mature and knows what it takes to be successful in the NFL: hard work, a passion to win, and putting the team first. Ferrell would bring energy to this Bills defense that was top 2 in yards allowed in 2018, but middle of the road in sacks.

pick #10: Denver Broncos

Team Needs: OT, G/C, CB, WR, DT/DE, QB, TE,

Jawaan Taylor - OT - Florida (6'5" / 312 lbs)

The Broncos have traded for Joe Flacco and have moved on from Case Keenum. They could draft a young QB here to take over for Flacco in the future, but they can get that guy in later rounds and turn their attention to fixing an average-at-best offensive line. Their next biggest need now is at the Tackle position to protect the QB, allow WRs time to break open routes, and open up some running lanes. Jawaan Taylor is a big man, playing a big man game. The best thing about Taylor is that he finishes blocks and plays to the whistle, he's got a good motor and puts out a ton of effort. He has a quick first step and solid footwork, with feet that keep moving on blocks. He's athletic when it comes to getting up to the next level on pulls and screens. Jawaan can overextend at times but he doesn't get beat off the edge often. He's solid on run blocking when either walling off defenders or slamming down the line on combo blocks. Jawaan Talyor could anchor the offensive line in Denver for years.

pick #11: CINCINNATI Bengals

Team Needs: LB, OT, TE, G/C, DT/DE, QB, CB

Devin Bush - LB - Michigan (5'11" / 234 lbs)

The Bengals defense ranked near the bottom of the league last year in every major per game stat (points, yards, turnovers), and they just shipped off their aggressive playmaker Vontaze Burfict. This defense could use a major spark of talent by drafting the 2nd best Inside LB in this class after the other Devin. Devin Bush is an all out athlete and fits the mold for the NFL's new look ILB that are not as big but are fast and athletic. He put up impressive numbers at the Combine, running a 4.43 sec. 40-yard dash with a 40.5" vertical, and posted top 5 numbers at his position for almost every drill. On the field, Bush is all over the place making plays. He'll deliver the wood while flying sideline to sideline, and fills the gap quickly on inside run plays. Bush has great eyes when spying the QB, and is athletic enough to be a dominant blitzer who plays equally well in coverage. He is simply a menace on the field. Time and time again on film he is making plays in a variety of ways, and whether it's the QB, RB or WR, he's hitting somebody. Devin Bush was easily the best player the last two years on a very talented defense at Michigan.

pick #12: Green Bay Packers

Team Needs: Edge, S, G, WR, OT, LB

Brian Burns - DE - Florida State (6'5" / 249 lbs)

The Packers need some obvious help on defense after losing Clay Mathews in free agency. They made a couple signings in FA to add depth at LB/Edge, but they should still draft the next best Edge rusher in the draft in Brian Burns who can play both DE and OLB. If Brian Burns could drop to the Packers, he would be the best player on the board and would fill a huge need on the defensive line. Brian Burns is an imposing figure on the field as his tall frame stands out even in his stance and he almost looks like Usain Bolt playing DE. And speaking of Bolt, Burns gets off the ball like a bandit, that is so quick it reminds me of Pat Swilling from the Saints back in the day (Google it kids). He's consistently finding ways to make plays on defense. He didn't put up huge numbers at Florida State, and he could add some bulk onto his frame, and I think that's why he'll be drafted a little lower than some of the earlier edge rushers. I could also see the Packers moving up or down in the 1st Round.

pick #13: MIami Dolphins

Team Needs: QB, DE, DT, WR, RB, CB

Kyler Murray - QB - Oklahoma (5'10" / 207 lbs)

One thing is clear, the Dolphins intend to try and win this year with journeyman QB Ryan FitzMagic, but they can also draft and groom their QB of the near future with Kyler Murray. Murray has made his commitment to be an NFL QB, and although he's not the #1 overall pick, top 15 in the draft is not a bad spot to be in to know he made the right decision to ditch baseball. Murray's stature will be a bit of a gamble in the NFL, even though his Combine measurements were better than expected, but that's the only thing lacking in his game. Murray has a big arm, can run, and he put up huge numbers in 2018. He'll have some speedsters to throw to in Miami, and an above average running game in Drake and Ballage. Miami needs a dynamic QB who will do what it takes on the field to win, and even though he's a bit of a wild card with limited experience, he's a game changer and a winner. If Murray can be successful in the NFL he will change the whole perception of shorter than average QBs. Move Murray around out of the pocket, give him some protection, get another play-making WR, and watch him shine.

pick #14: Atlanta Falcons

Team Needs: DT, CB, DE, G, LB, RB

Christian Wilkins - DT - Clemson (6'3" / 315 lbs)

The Falcons need to get some serious pash rush going up the middle. They have officially franchise tagged Grady Jarrett and their next best DT is an aging Zack Crawford who will be 31 by the start of next season. Drafting someone like Christian Wilkins can give the Falcons defense a spark of youth up the middle. Christian Wilkins could've entered the draft last year but stayed on for his Senior season at Clemson to chase another title, and in doing so stood out big time in their National Championship win. Having Wilkins to pair with Jarrett, Beasley, and McKinley on the same front 4 would be a coach's dream as you would have a super talented and very young defensive line to anchor this improving defense. Wilkins is strong and super athletic, as he even ran the ball for Clemson 3 times in 2018, from the goal line and scored twice. He also caught a 31 yard back shoulder pass on a fake punt in the 2016 Orange Bowl against Oklahoma. Wilkins has a multitude of skills and could get even better with NFL coaches to fine tune him.

pick #15: Washington Redskins

Team Needs: QB, WR, Edge, S, G/C, ILB

Daniel Jones - QB - Duke (6'5" / 221 lbs)

The Redskins found out Alex Smith will miss the 2019 season trying to recover from his gruesome leg injury this past season, and have just traded for Case Keenum, a bandaid in my opinion. So the Redskins can still be in the market for their QB of the future. Jones gets the pick here because he's smart, has a big arm, and interviewed very well at the Senior Bowl. He's been groomed to be an NFL QB by his head coach David Cutcliffe, who once coached the Manning brothers in college. He's tall and could add some bulk to his frame but he reminds me of a Joe Flacco with more speed and running ability like Josh Allen. Jones' stats in 2018 included 2,674 passing yards with a 60% completion percentage, 22 TDs and nine interceptions, while rushing for 319 yards and 3 TDs. One would like to see the passing yards and TDs increase, and the INTs decrease for a potential franchise QB, but his numbers could rise in the NFL with better talent around him. But despite the stats, it's his size and smooth throwing motion that have NFL scouts interested, the kid has touch. Like Haskins in New York, it's just a matter of time before Jones is taking over the starting job.

pick #16: CArolina Panthers

Team Needs: DE, DT, OT, CB, LB, TE, WR

Rashan Gary - DT - Michigan (6'4" / 277 lbs)

Now that Julius Peppers has announced his retirement, the Panthers are left without a dominant pass rusher on the edge. And like Steve Smith said at the Combine, even though offensive line help is a need, the Panthers should not miss out on this stellar defensive class. Rashan Gary is a huge, versatile, beast of a man that can play the 3-technique or kick out to defensive end on pass rush downs, as Michigan used him. However, when watching tape he doesn't appear as comfortable or dominant as a true defensive end, and could be more dominant playing inside on rush downs and outside on pass. He has the speed to play on the outside, and the strength to play inside and push the pocket. He has great get off and hand placement which allows him to shed blocks and make tackles down the line. He can immediately fill either spot on the line, which would be a treat for Defensive Coordinator Eric Washington as he can come up with all kinds of line games to move him around.

pick #17: New York Giants (Via Cleveland)

Team Needs: QB, WR, OT, CB, S, OLB, G/C, ILB

D.K. Metcalf - WR - Ole Miss (6'3" / 228 lbs)

The Giants made the rumors come true and traded away one of the best WRs in the game in OBJ. But with that trade, the Giants get another first round pick they should use to replace OBJ, and get a true deep threat as their current WRs are better in the slot (Tate and Shepherd). The Giants can select the cyborg D.K. Metcalf who is arguably the WR1 of this talented draft class by blowing the competition away at the Combine (4.33 sec. 40-yard dash, 40.5 inch vertical). He has the size, speed, and hands of a perennial pro bowl WR. He's deceptively fast on the field as he long strides past defenders and has huge hands to snag the ball out of the air. D.K. is a redzone target who can make an immediate impact in New York. He sat out a little over half the 2018 season due to a neck injury that required surgery. He's recently been cleared for all football activities and as long as he clears NFL medical checks he should be the first WR taken in this draft.

pick #18: Minnesota Vikings

Team Needs: OT, G/C, OLB, DT, DE, RB

Jonah Williams - OT - Alabama (6'4" / 302 lbs)

The biggest issue with the Vikings offense stemmed from their offensive line. They had all the other pieces at the skill positions to be successful but lacked the pass protection to keep Kirk Cousins upright (sacked 40 times in 2018) with enough time to pass to Diggs and Thielen, and open up lanes for Dalvin Cook. Jonah Williams is arguably the most NFL-ready and versatile offensive lineman in this draft class, who can fill multiple positions on the Vikings' line because he's smart and has great technique. He has played on the biggest college stage in a pro-style offense, and started every game for 3 years at Alabama without giving up a single sack in all of 2018 (sounds like future HOFer Joe Thomas). He doesn't have the longest arms but he's got great technique and quick feet. As he demonstrated at Alabama and at the Combine, he's got a great kick step to get out in front of edge rushers in order to not get beat on the outside. With a draft class that is not deep with top-tier offensive line talent, Williams is one of the better ones you could get at #18.

pick #19: Tennessee Titans

Team Needs: OLB, WR, TE, CB, DT, G/C, S, RB

A.J. Brown - WR - Ole Miss (6'0" / 226 lbs)

The Titans have a big need to fill at OLB, but at this point in the draft all the top-tier edge rushers would be off the board. And even though they have Corey Davis, now Adam Humphries, and an aging Delanie Walker, the next biggest area of need is another pass catcher for Mariota. While an Iowa TE could fit here, there's a bigger area of need to get a 3rd dominant WR to fit their Rams-style 11 personnel scheme (plus Jonnu Smith could make some strides in his 3rd year). A.J. Brown can give them that 3rd play-making WR. Brown is a polished receiver that can eventually turn into a solid WR1. He is a precise route-runner with quick feet and soft hands that secures catches with ease. He's also like a combination of A.J. Green and OBJ, he can stretch the field and catch the deep ball, or turn a quick out into 60 yard TD run. With DK Metcalf out half of 2018, Brown excelled at Ole Miss and should continue to do so in the NFL with a better QB throwing to him. He ran a 4.49 sec. 40-yard dash, which is good enough to keep him in the 1st Round and he's an all-around athlete that was drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2016.

pick #20: Pittsburgh Steelers

Team Needs: CB, LB, WR, G/C, DT, OT, RB

Byron Murphy - CB - Washington (5'11" / 190 lbs)

The Steelers were once known for amazing LB corps, but since Ryan Shazier got injured they haven't found an equal replacement that's as dominating. Although LB is a big need, the CB position may be an even bigger need and there are only a few CBs worth drafting in the 1st round that can make an immediate impact to a team's secondary. With the top 2 LBs already off the board and more quality depth in later rounds, the Steelers can select one of the top CBs in Byron Murphy who excelled in 2018 shutting down opposing WRs and snagging 4 INTs while breaking up 13 passes. Murphy can start opposite Joe Haden and make an immediate impact to a Steelers secondary that has it's best player in Joe Haden. Murphy can cover, make big time interceptions, and has the speed to keep with up with NFL WRs (4.55 sec. 40 yard dash). He's got the perfect combination of speed, size, and strength as you're just as likely to see him delivering a big hit as your are seeing him make a finesse play on the ball.

pick #21: Seattle Seahawks

Team Needs: DT, OT, CB, OLB, G, TE

Jerry Tillery - DT - Notre Dame (6'6" / 295 lbs)

The Seahawks lost another founding member of the Legion of Boom as Earl Thomas signed with the Ravens in the offseason, and they've franchise tagged Frank Clark but there's not guarantee he signs for next season. Despite all this, there was already an existing need at DT to play next to Jarran Reed. Notre Dame's Jerry Tillery is arguably the next best DT prospect available in this round. Tillery did not put up overly impressive numbers at the Combine, but that's not where his talent truly shines. He's got a great motor and gets off the ball quickly with a low pad level that allows him to split blockers on run plays, and bull rush guards into the backfield on pass plays. Tillery can inject some new life into this Falcons defense, and improve their sack total considerably. He was nearly unstoppable against Stanford as he worked his way to 4 sacks on the night. There were a few games that he disappeared at times,which has dropped his draft value a bit. But he's got the size, quickness, and strength to get past defenders and wreak havoc on the backfield. He put up decent numbers at the Combine, but it's his talent on the field that really shines through and makes him a Round 1 prospect.

pick #22: Baltimore Ravens

Team Needs: WR, G/C, LB, Pass, RB, S

Parris Campbell - WR - Ohio State (6'0" / 205 lbs)

The Ravens are going for a new look offense by trading away Joe Flacco, letting John Brown and Michael Crabtree walk in Free Agency, and waiving Alex Collins with a looming criminal charge. Time for the Ravens offense to start rebuilding around Lamar Jackson and new RB Mark Ingram. The Ravens can select the play-making WR from Ohio State who has climbed up draft boards this offseason, sparked by his impressive Combine performance. Once Campbell ran the 3rd best 40-yard dash time of 4.31 seconds at the Combine, he instantly was on everyone's radar. Coupled with a 40-inch vertical, Parris has shown he is an exceptional athlete on the field as he exploded onto the scene in 2018 putting up over 1,000 yards off 90 receptions and 12 TDs. Lamar Jackson could do well in his first year as the clear-cut starter to have a burner like Parris who can make plays off of tunnel screens, catches in the flat, jet sweeps, and on deep 9 routes. He can be a big time play maker like Tyreek Hill or Percy Harvin, and he helped Dwayne Haskins turn into one of the best QBs in this draft class.

pick #23: Houston Texans

Team Needs: OT, G/C, TE, S, CB, RB, Pass, DT, WR

Cody Ford - OT - Oklahoma (6'4" / 329 lbs)

Deshaun Watson was the most sacked QB in 2018 with 65, and if he's going to survive his 3rd year in the league, the Texans need to focus on the offensive line in this draft as it is a HUGE need. If they don't trade up to get one of the top OTs, they can still find an instant starter in Cody Ford at #23. Cody Ford is the next best available OT who's big, agile, and aggressive. It's still unclear if he'll play Tackle or Guard in the NFL, but since the Texans need help at every position on the offensive line, it's a win-win either way. He played on the right side of the line at Oklahoma but is athletic enough to play either Tackle position. He has a good first step and is smart, calling out edge rushers and taking control of the offensive line protection. In pass protection, his long arms grab on to rushers and he makes contact first to be able to control his opponents. He's very athletic especially for a guy of his stature. He'll need to refine his pass blocking technique at the next level, but NFL coaches will help him do that.

pick #24: Oakland Raiders (via Chicago)

Team Needs: Edge, TE, CB, LB, WR, RB, S

Noah Fant - TE - Iowa (6'4" / 249 lbs)

Jared Cook, one of the best weapons on the Raiders offense in 2018, has moved on to the Saints in Free Agency. The Raiders are now left with a group of run-blocking TEs and unproven pass catchers. The best NFL-ready pass-catching TE in this draft is Noah Fant from Iowa who didn't put up huge numbers in 2018, while splitting time with another excellent TE prospect in T.J. Hockenson, but he's big, he can catch, and he's a redzone target. While the big plays down the field will surely still come from newly acquired Antonio Brown, Tyrell Wiliams, and J.J. Nelson, Fant gives Carr a safety blanket underneath and up the seam, who can make contested catches in the redzone. He's already a polished route runner with great hands, who doesn't shy away from contact, and is a decent run blocker. He had a great 40-yard dash time at the Combine (4.50 sec.) with a 39.5 inch vertical. Fant is the first TE off the board due to his amazing catching ability.

pick #25: Philadelphia Eagles

Team Needs: DT, CB, RB, OT, DE, LB, WR, G

Jeffrey Simmons - DT - Mississippi State (6'4" / 301 lbs)

The Eagles had a need at RB but filled that need with signing Jordan Howard. Haloti Ngata retired and they traded away Michael Bennett and now have a huge hole on their defensive line. Jeffrey Simmons is a beast of a man that can play the 3 technique or also kick out to DE on pass rush fronts as he has LB-like speed and range from sideline to sideline. The eagles will need him to play multiple positions as they are very lean on the defensive line right now. He tore his ACL during offseason workouts, and I think that's why he could drop to the 25th pick because before the injury, he was a top 10 prospect easily. His numbers weren't huge but what stands out are his 2 consecutive years of double digit tackles for loss, including 18 in 2018. With Sweat on the outside at Mississippi State, teams ran the ball towards Simmons more, to no avail. He was constantly blowing up plays at the line of scrimmage and in the backfield. If the Eagles are wiling to take the chance on a player returning from a non-contact injury, they could get a steal late in the 1st Round with one of the top 3 talented DTs.

pick #26: Indianapolis Colts

Team Needs: DT, DB, WR, TE, LB

Dre'Mont Jones - DT - Ohio State (6'3" / 281 lbs)

The Colts are returning most of the 2018 team that made a nice playoff push to end the season, and have added a few pieces in Free Agency like Justin Houston and Devin Funchess that will add production and depth. Although Margus Hunt and Denico Autry provide a nice DT combo, they're mostly rotational players and could use another able body to that rotation. With all the top-tier DTs off the board, the Colts can get the last 1st Round talented DT (arguably) in Dre-Mont Jones. While Jones wasn't a big name prospect to start the offseason, he's risen on draft boards as his tape has shown the kind of player he can turn into. Jones is exceptionally quick off the ball and does probably the best job I've seen of getting his hands on blockers first so he can control them. This allows him to slap, swim, shed, and rip past linemen to get to the QB and make plays in the backfield. He's got good size and decent speed, but he uses both to his advantage as he's more quick with short burst speed. Which is really what you want in a DT, however, he could still add some muscle weight. Jones would be a great 3-technique in the Colt's 4-3 scheme, giving them one hell of a pass rush up front allowing Darius Leonard to continue making plays.

pick #27: Oakland Raiders (Via Dallas)

Team Needs: Edge, TE, WR, S, CB, RB

Marquise Brown - WR - Oklahoma (5'9" / 166 lbs)

The Raiders have now drafted a needed edge rusher and TE, and have made significant signings on the defensive side of the ball. Jon Gruden has said that he wants the best WR corps in the league, and he's already taken steps towards that goal by acquiring Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams, and J.J. Nelson. The Raiders can add even more fire power to the offense by selecting AB's cousin and breakout player Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. He drops this far in the draft over worry about his Lisfranc injury that kept him out of the Combine and Pro Day. If Brown can come back at 100% he'll continue to showcase his explosive skill set in the NFL. Although he's small, he can play, and the NFL is starting to move away from just being a "big man's game" as shorter players have been making huge impacts to the game.Since the Raiders don't need Brown to start right away, they can let him heal, develop, and then unleash him in the slot to give the Raiders another playmaker but one that could be as good as T.Y. Hilton or Edelman.

pick #28: Los Angeles Chargers

Team Needs: DT, G/C, RT, LB, CB, S, QB, TE, WR

Dexter Lawrence - DT - Clemson (6'4" / 342 lbs)

The only real glaring position of need for the Chargers is at the DT position since they let Darius Philon go, which weakens one of the best position groups on their roster. The Chargers can immediately remedy that deficiency by drafting possibly the last top-tier talented interior defensive lineman on the board in Dexter Lawrence. He's a versatile DT who can fit in the chargers multi-look 4-3 scheme. Lawrence reminds me of the next Vince Wilfork as he is a big play plug in the middle of the defense that is super athletic especially for a guy his size. If the Chargers don't trade up and decide to keep this pick, Lawrence would be the best fit here as a disruptive force in the middle of the defense. He's incredibly strong, putting up 36 reps on the 225-lb bench press and that strength translates to the field as he easily splits double team blocks from his 1-technique position. Lawrence also comes from a championship team at Clemson and knows what it takes to win. And just like Christian Wilkins, Lawrence ran the ball too for Clemson. There's something in the water in Death Valley as this would be the 3rd defensive lineman off the board in the 1st Round.

pick #29: Kansas City Chiefs

Team Needs: OLB, CB, S, DT, DE, WR

Deandre Baker - CB - Georgia (5'11" / 193 lbs)

Everyone knows defense was the Chiefs' weakness in 2018 and they should spend the entire offseason doing everything they can to improve every aspect of their defense. The Chiefs have let Dee Ford and Justin Houston sign with other teams, and are now left with last year's backup OLBs. But with the top-tier edge players already off the board, the Chiefs either turn to another area of need or trade up to get a better OLB than what's currently available. The best CB currently available would be Deandre Baker from Georgia. He’s fast, aggressive, and is a ball hawk. When he’s not picking off passes with WR caliber skills, he’s breaking up passes right out of the WR's hands. Baker also doesn’t shy away from contact as he’ll deliver the big hit from coverage or when blitzing off the edge. He's a great lockdown corner, excelling in man coverage, and can play on an island against the WR1. On tape he's literally locked on to the hip of the WR he's covering. In zone, he closes the gap quickly to break up passes as they arrive.

pick #30: Green Bay Packers (Via New Orleans)

Team Needs: Edge, S, LB, G, WR, OT

Johnathan Abram - SS - Mississippi Sate (5'11" / 205 lbs)

After the Packers get their Edge rusher with the 12th pick, they need to address the next big area of need in safety that was vacated by HaHa Clinton-Dix and is currently filled by a 36 year old converted corner. They just got Adrian Amos from the Bears this offseason and could use another spark plug to play next to him. Johnathan Abram is an aggressive safety that racked up 99 total tackles last year, including 9 tackles for loss, and 3 sacks. That's an insane amount of production for a college safety, which would bode well for the Packers who need a boost on the defensive side of the ball. He's got good speed, running a 4.45 sec. 40-yard dash at the Combine, which shows on tape as you will see him chasing down RBs and WRs all over the field. My only knock on him is he relies on his athleticism a little too much on tackles, looking for the big hit, and he'll need to work on that technique in the NFL to not only make better tackles but to also not get personal foul penalties for hits to the head or defenseless WRs.

pick #31: Los Angeles Rams

Team Needs: LB, DT, DE, TE, S, RB

Mack Wilson - LB - Alabama (6'1" / 240 lbs)

The biggest hole on this stellar Rams roster is at the Linebacker position. The Rams made a couple of nice offseason moves, mainly adding Clay Matthews to an already impressive defensive front. Now they can get the next best LB in this draft class in Mack Wilson, the next best LB to come out of Alabama. We know this guy is already ready to play as Nick Saban is adept at grooming NFL-ready defenders that can learn quickly and make plays right away. In fact, that's all Mack Wilson does is make plays. He has a nose for the ball and a knack for putting the hurt on offensive skill players. Wilson flies to the ball wherever it is, with good eyes and great hips that turn quickly to lock onto his target. His numbers at Alabama weren't overly impressive but the 6 INTs the last 2 seasons and 5 passes defended last year are great for an inside linebacker. Like the Devins, Wilson is what NFL teams are looking for in a linebacker, someone that is fast and makes plays, regardless of how physically imposing they area. In a pass-happy league, Wilson will get immediate playing time as he has great coverage skills but will also punish runners in the box.

pick #32: New England Patriots

Team Needs: TE, DT, QB, WR, OT, CB

T.J. Hockenson - TE - Iowa (6'5" / 251 lbs)

Gronk has officially retired, at least for now. That leaves a big hole at TE that the Patriots have struggled to fill when Gronk was hurt, and failed to fill during the Free Agency period. T.J. Hockenson was voted as the best TE in college football last season because he's a playmaker with excellent blocking skills. And if by some miracle Hock fell to the end of the 1st Round while other teams were snatching up all the defensive linemen, he would be a perfect fit in New England. Even though Fant was the first TE off the board because of his pass-catching ability, Hockenson is equally as proficient at making plays and is a better blocker than Fant. Which is something I think Belichick values more out of a TE, the ability to block and make plays. T.J. gets off the line of scrimmage quickly to find the seam and get open, and he has good hands having only dropped one catchable pass in 2018. T.J. would fit nicely in the Patriots offensive scheme that is heavy in 12 personnel and though he may not be the next Gronk, he'll still be a force in the NFL.

Notable players that just missed the 1st Round cut: N'Keal Harry, Hakeem Butler, Deebo Samuel, Deionte Thompson, Jachai Polite, Irv Smith, Drew Lock, Joshua Jacobs, Andre Dillard, Dalton Risner, Chris Lindstrom.